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HCLTech has launched a global delivery center in Patna, a first in the state of Bihar, which is expected to boost the company's capability to provide IT and engineering services in the high-tech and semiconductor sectors.

The center, which forms part of HCLTech’s New Vistas program, aims to leverage the skilled talent pool in Bihar to improve its worldwide service offerings. It will also function as a central hub for providing specialized IT services. Additionally, the center is set to house advanced laboratories and centers of excellence (CoE) dedicated to promoting technological innovation.

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Nitish Mishra, Minister of Department of Industries & Department of Tourism Govt. of Bihar, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the new delivery center, noting its positive impact on the IT sector in the state and expressing excitement for the other opportunities it may bring.

The establishment of the delivery center is expected to stimulate the growth of Bihar's technological ecosystem by offering contemporary workspaces and comprehensive training options for local talent. This program highlights HCLTech's dedication to utilizing local talent pools and promoting economic growth throughout India.

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Prateek Aggarwal, Chief Financial Officer, HCLTech, also noted the importance of the new delivery center in achieving the company’s objective: being the digital transformation partner of choice for global enterprises.

Mishra was joined by Shri Santosh Kumar Suman, Hon’ble Minister of Information Technology, Government of Bihar, as the delivery center was inaugurated. Key officials including Aggarwal, Shri Sandeep Poundri, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Industries, Government of Bihar; Shri Abhay Kumar Singh, Secretary, Department of Information Technology; and Rahul Singh, COO-Corporate Functions, HCLTech, were also present at the inauguration.

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