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StarHub has partnered with ServiceNow to integrate its Enterprise Solutions with ServiceNow's Now Platform, Service Bridge and AIOps on Cloud Infinity. The collaboration is expected to establish a new benchmark for enterprise service management.

The partnership between StarHub and ServiceNow surpasses traditional siloed solutions by integrating Telecommunications Service Management (TSM) capabilities, which will enable both commercial and government users to automate repetitive processes on StarHub's multi-cloud infrastructure, Cloud Infinity.

The unified approach not only streamlines operations but also ensures compliance with the stipulated regulations, consequently, improving overall efficiency and customer service on the Cloud Infinity platform.

Nikhil Eapen, Chief Executive Officer at StarHub, expressed optimism regarding the partnership’s potential to transform industries and empower businesses.

“Embracing our DARE+ transformation, this joint platform and partnership signify a monumental stride in service management excellence,” said Eapen.

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Meanwhile, Detlef Krause, President for Asia Pacific at ServiceNow, expressed his delight regarding the partnership saying, “With the Now Platform, our aim is to provide customers with superior services to simplify their operations and modernization process, which translates to better efficiency and higher levels of client satisfaction.”

Comprehensive Service Management

Through the TSM platform, StarHub will be able to provide comprehensive service management capabilities, including both Customer Service Management (CSM) and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). This comprehensive solution provides:

  • External ticketing (CSM) to provide services to StarHub Enterprise customers
  • Internal ticketing (ITSM) to support StarHub Enterprise’s internal operations
  • A Service Bridge to create secure direct connections with customers’ ServiceNow® instance scan

The platform also incorporates a configuration management database and omnichannel solutions, including email, virtual agents, mobile apps, and agent workspaces, which allows for the monitoring of service performance in real-time and the ongoing enhancement of delivery management, resulting in an increase in the overall customer experience.

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Existing ServiceNow users can seamlessly migrate to StarHub's platform, ensuring an easy transition for enterprises that have already made significant investments in the technology.

Furthermore, Service Bridge allows enterprises to conveniently request and receive assistance from within their ServiceNow platform, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.

Cloud Infinity, StarHub's multi-cloud architecture, will serve as the foundation of the advancements of the solution. It provides low-latency and cost-effective solutions such as service orchestration, assurance, management, and automation.

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Telecom Review Group's Founder and CEO, Toni Eid, engaged in a fireside chat with Masayuki Kayahara, General Manager of the Service Provider Solutions Department at NEC headquarters in Japan.

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